Leaving Australia: Journey to the UK


The time had finally come: The time when I was set to box up my life and head off into the unknown to forge a new life on the opposite side of the world had finally arrived after months of planning.

My bags were packed, my goodbyes had been said, and my heart and head were both full of a wide range of emotions: Excitement, nervousness, happiness, and terror.

There’s no denying moving across the world is a big and sometimes scary move, but I have no doubt in my soul that this is the right move for me right now.

Saying goodbye to family and friends is so hard, but really it’s just a “see you later” – so instead of letting myself fall apart in tears, I consoled myself with the knowledge that I would see all these beautiful people from my life again soon.

Plus, I also knew I was about to see my boyfriend for the first time after eight months apart, so that helped.

My Mum and my best friend Ashleigh drove me to the airport a couple of hours away, so we got to savour every last minute with each other for the time being.

I’m not going to lie, I got a bit teary at times (even though I’ve said this wasn’t goodbye, it was a see you later) – but there is still an element of uncertainty at all times.

For example, my beloved cat Dusty – he’s quite elderly.

Dusty clearly either didn’t want me to leave, or wanted to be packed too

He marks 17 human years this year, and I know he may not be around for much longer.

And then there’s my Gran, who is one of my favourite people, and closest confidantes in my life.

She’s not in great health at all, and when booking this trip six months prior to me leaving, I didn’t actually plan on leaving her, I honestly thought she wouldn’t be around by the time I left (I know, never underestimate a determined woman!).

So to leave her, as I had previously told her I never would, was heartbreaking.

Granted, the plan is among my Mum and I that as soon as there’s a sign she’s in a critical state, Mum will call, and I’ll be on the first plane back to Australia so I can have that scotch with her as she spends her final moments on this earth, as we always said we would.

I just hope all goes according to plan.

But until then, there’s no taking away from the fact that this is a hugely exciting and opportunity-filled time of my life. And believe me when I say I plan to live every moment of it to the fullest.

Bring on the new adventures!


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