A Day Trip to Sydney

Just a couple of pugs

Sydney may be 1000km away, but it’s only an 1.5hr flight away from my nearest airport, Ballina.

So luckily, on Sunday I was able to visit Sydney for the day to see one of my close friends, Rachel, who recently moved there.

Together we had a nice little day out – exploring The Grounds, Alexandria, and having a delicious lunch there; before heading to Bondi and enjoying some time by the beach, watching holidaymakers, taking in the sun, devouring coffee, and walking part of the Bondi-Bronte walk.

The Grounds, Alexandria – a Magical place!

It was a beautiful day, filled with scrumptious food, and the company of a dear friend.

Short and sweet though – I wish I could have stayed longer!

I filmed a heap of little snippets of my day and put them together for a little “through my eyes” style Day in the Life video.

The famous Bondi pool – even in the middle of winter people were swimming laps!
Looking over to Bronte from the headland between Bondi and Bronte.

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