Farm-fresh food and chakra cleansing in Byron Bay


Just outside the main centre of Byron Bay is a little haven of proportional self-sustainability.

The Farm, found as you travel towards Byron Bay, is a unique place.

Not only does The Farm house an award-winning restaurant, Three Blue Ducks, but it showcases the whole production line of what ends up on your plate

Produce is grown, cooked and sold on location at The Farm – everything from herbs and edible flowers to eggs and dairy (not that I’ve partaken in the latter two items).

It’s a very interesting concept, and one that gives a whole new appreciation for your dining experience.

A family can come to The Farm in the morning, tour the gardens and farm animals quarters, wander through the produce shop, and then sit down to eat, knowing that what is on their plate was literally planted, grown, picked and prepared at the very same location.


Whilst dining their recently to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with my own mum, we shared the most delicious salad, straight from The Farm’s garden.

I think knowing exactly where the ingredients came from made the meal taste that bit sweeter.

The Farm is a hugely popular place, so head there knowing that you may have to wait a while to get a table – but don’t be concerned, you can take a seat at the bar and enjoy a glass of wine, take a walk around the property, check out the produce and other items on sale at The Farm’s shop, or grab a coffee while you wait.

For the kidlets, there is also a playground, with seating nearby for parents to rest while keeping watch.

The Farm can be found by taking the Ewingsdale Road exit off the Pacific Highway, then taking the Woodford Lane exit off the first roundabout.


While you’re in the Byron Bay area, I have to recommend a visit to the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens, the home of some of the biggest and most beautiful crystals in the world.

On site, you have the opportunity to learn about the various crystals of the world and what they can be used for.

There are also walks in the exquisite natural surroundings, and you have the opportunity to join the daily workshops and experiences.

Be in awe of the Enchanted Cave, the largest amethyst cave in the world, and also the world’s tallest geode pair, The Crystal Guardians.

Be at peace with the largest stone Blessing Buddha in Australia, and the only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the southern hemisphere.

Not everyone is into this kind of thing, I realise, nor believes in the power of crystals, but even if you don’t, the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens is a stunning place to have a coffee overlooking the Byron Bay hinterland and a walk through the local natural beauty.


Another awesome thing about the Crystal Castle – you can play hide and seek in the bamboo forest if you’re still an absolute child, as I am.


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