Byron Bay: A chill escape from the rush of life


When I say “Byron Bay” what do you think of?

If “chilled out beachside bliss” was your answer, then 10 points to Gryffindor!

Well, that’s how I think of Byron Bay, anyway – and I’ve lived only 25 minutes from the beautiful coastline town for most of my life so I feel I’ve done adequate research on the subject.

Byron Bay is a popular tourist hotspot, best known for it’s ‘alternative’ lifestyle and for being the most easterly point of Australia.

Set on the east coast of New South Wales, close to the Queensland border, Byron Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, a myriad of dining options, picturesque afternoon beverage spots, and a whole host of activities from surfing or kayaking to paragliding and skydiving.

Some street art (hidden away in a carpark behind CBD buildings – can you believe it?)

When I go to Byron Bay for a day, it’s kind of like taking a mini holiday – I can chill out on the beach, indulge at one of the fantastic cafes or restaurants, and have a beer at the Beach Hotel overlooking the coastline.

One of my favourite places in Byron is Elixiba, an eclectic little cafe/restaurant/bar in an arcade on Jonson Street, just behind Kinoko Japanese restaurant.

It’s a fully plant-based, vegan spot that serves everything from pancakes to goodness bowls, ice cream, desserts, salads, cocktails and coffee.

Pretty much it’s a one-stop shop for completely delicious and Instagram-worthy food.

Plus, the staff are super nice and the ‘magic forest’ style setting is so gorgeous, you can’t go past this place if you’re looking for a vegan feed or beverage fix.

Elixiba Byron Bay



At the end of Jonson Street you’ll find yourself at Apex Park overlooking Main Beach.

The perfect spot to relax – head down to the sand to read a book in the sunshine, take a dip in the ocean, and then head back up to the park and listen to the always-available buskers perform covers of classic hits, and chill the bleep out.

Main Beach
Apex Park overlooking Main Beach
Main Beach

Another, possibly less busy, but definitely more beautiful beach lies just around the corner at Wategos Beach.

I’d definitely suggest heading there for at least one dip whilst you’re in Byron.

Wategos Beach
Wategos Beach

A visit to Byron Bay simply would not be complete without visiting the lighthouse.

This officially marks the most easterly point of Australia, and has a stunning 360 degree view of the ocean, Byron Bay, and parts of the hinterland beyond.

As it is the first place to see the sun of a morning, I would highly suggest watching at least one sunrise from the lighthouse – I mean, could there be a more perfect way to start the day?


One of my most favourite activities at Byron Bay is having a ‘bevvy at the Beachy’ – aka, grabbing a schooner at the Beach Hotel, which is across the road from Apex Park.

Try the Stone and Wood, a locally made brew, if you enjoy a beer.

Try to grab a table at the edge of the beer garden, so you can have a good people-watching session along the coast.

You never know who you might spot – in a town full of glamourous people, it’s sometimes hard to pick them out, but many celebrities both holiday in Byron Bay, and call the beautiful place their home.

*Cough* Chris Hemsworth *Cough*

If only I was lucky enough to run into his shirtless self as he works out on the beach.

I mean pass by him, making no physical contact, of course.

…. No I don’t


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