Eat the Street food festival, Lismore


This is the first post in my series on the Northern Rivers, my home region.

One the best things about Lismore, the regional centre of the area I live in, is probably it’s wide range of food on offer.

From Japanese, to Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, fine dining, or a good old pub meal – you can find it all in Lismore

The small city is overflowing with restaurants, and has an epic cafe culture which leaves you with an overwhelming amount of choice for your Sunday morning brunch.

That’s why it’s only appropriate that one of the biggest events of the year in Lismore is the Eat the Street festival.

Now in it’s third year, the annual Eat the Street food festival takes place in Magellan Street, Lismore, and showcases local eateries, breweries and produce.

Basically, it’s a day when you can stuff your stomach full of a wide range of delicious dishes and follow it down with refreshing beverages, all in the one place.

Everything is fairly cheap – around $5-10 per plate, and it is free to enter the ‘festival area’.

I headed along once again this year, but decided to film the experience for you too – I always show you other countries and exotic places in my blog posts and YouTube videos, but hardly ever my own backyard!

Until now.


My three favourites:

1. Hot fudge brownie sundae (caramel crunch) from Space Bars Ice Creamery.

Oh my god – heaven!


2. Vegetable Gyoza from Shoza Gyoza

Perfectly cooked dumplings – not too crisp yet not too soft, perfectly coated in Japanese soy sauce.



3. Ginger beer from The Organic Drink Co.

So refreshing! Just what I needed while walking around in the heat.

Ginger beer

Find out more about the Eat the Street festival here.

Tip: Pack sunscreen – because of the time spent waiting in long lines in the direct sunlight, I got sunburnt. Don’t be me!

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