One day in Macau


As Macau is so easily accessible from Hong Kong, it’s often on the list of ‘things to do’ for many travellers.

I’d heard all these stories about the beautiful old buildings and structures in this city which feels like a throwback to colonial times, and so I thought I must visit too.

I’m going to be honest: I ended up feeling neither here or there on the topic.

Yes, some of the buildings in Macau were pretty, and I got to see some historic landmarks, but apart from that we just walked around in the stifling heat.

I guess if we were into Casinos and high-end shopping we might have been more taken with Macau, but I kind of left feeling like the day could have been better spent.

By saying that though, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the day – I did, especially the boat ride to and from Macau (I find it a bit of a thrill every time I’m on a boat).

Seeing the historical ruins of St Paul’s and the old Fort was also cool, and if you are going to Macau, I’d recommend those two as places to visit.

The banter Dan and I shared as we both sweated profusely from the incredible heat and humidity also made the day pretty funny.

So, while saying I wasn’t in love with Macau, I did enjoy my time there, don’t get me wrong.




If you’re planning to head to Macau from Hong Kong, possibly think about a tour on Macau – we spotted lots of buses taking tourists straight to the sights.

However we just got a taxi to the centre of town, and then walked to St Paul’s ruins, which we then used as a marker for us to keep direction, and that was fine.

TIP: Make sure you grab a map, the streets of Macau can be very confusing!

Ruins of St Pauls.
View of Macau from Monte Fort.
View of Macau from Monte Fort.


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