The gorgeous Roman Baths of Bath


Bath was a little place of heaven on earth for me.

There was nothing particularly outstanding about the day I had there, travel wise at least, but it meant a lot to me personally.

For a day I got to wander around this absolutely gorgeous town, soaking in the history of it before soaking myself into luxurious relaxation in the afternoon – all while hand-in-hand with my man, while we were still blissfully in that soppy “honeymoon” stage.

I’ll always remember my day trip to Bath as one of the happiest and loveliest days of my life, because it was simply blissful (and beautiful!).

Now while Bath is fabulous in it’s own right, I’ll give you a little clue as to why Bath will always be fondly remembered for me: Three little words, spoken for the first time.

I think you can figure that one out….

Anyway, here are a few little tips to help you have a great day trip to Bath as well.

I hope you have just as an amazing time as I did there.

Between the classic buildings lining the cobblestone streets, the stunning cathedral in the middle of the town square, and – of course – the historic Roman Baths, this town is something straight out of a classic English postcard theme.

From London, you can take either the M4 or the A303 by car to get to Bath, taking around 2 to 2.5 hours. Alternatively, you can catch the overground train system.

We were headed to Bath from Bristol, a great option for a day trip, taking us only 30 minutes via the A4.

Here’s a little tip: When you get to Bath, locate the carpark near Victoria Park – I’m not sure of the actual name, but if you head along Queen Square Pl/Charlotte St and turn right as there is a turn for Palace Yard Mews on your left, you’ll find it.

You’ll be able to park there all day for a small fee, and it’s right near everything so you won’t have to walk far.



Head to the Roman Baths first up, and listen to their fantastic audio guide as you wander around the famous landmark.

Entry is £15 per adult and the audio guide is included.

It’s basically my opinion that you can’t come to Bath and not visit the Roman Baths, the very reason the city is what it is today.

However, in case you were thinking it: No, you can’t take a dip in these baths.

In fact, if you so much as try to touch the water, you may find yourself in a spot of trouble.

Be respectful to the conservation of history, people.

For more info head to the official website.


Don’t only head to the historic Roman Baths – treat yourself and take the plunge at the Thermae Bath Spa as we did.

For £34/£37 you get two hours to enjoy the various baths and steam rooms in the facility, which were absolute heaven!

I felt so rejuvenated after our afternoon there (Although earlier I felt I was going to pass out in the intensity of the steam rooms – know your limits, people!).

You can also choose to get other spa treatments, which I would totally like to try in the future.

For more info, head to the Thermae Baths website.




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