Exploring cemeteries and getting science lessons in Glasgow, Scotland


I wasn’t sure what to expect out of Glasgow.

I knew it was a metropolitan city, that it was one of the largest cities in Scotland, and that it was a recommended place to visit.

That was about all I knew, and there were no attractions that I was absolutely dying to see (since I didn’t really know of any).

I simply wanted to come and see Glasgow, get acquainted with this Scottish town, and find out what it had to offer.

That I did, my friends, that I did.

During our exploration of the city, we unexpectedly came across a sign that read ‘Glasgow Necropolis’ with an arrow pointing in its’ direction.

We were pretty intrigued, knowing what the words ‘necro’ and ‘acropolis’ meant.

That’s how we found ourselves in the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t plan on spending half my morning in a new city exploring a cemetery (creepy much?) but there you go.

I actually like the aesthetics of a cemetery – and what they are, really.

They are our world’s history, our people of the past in their final resting place.

It shouldn’t scare us. Maybe we should take a page out of Mexico’s book and start holding cemetery celebrations!




Next to the cemetery is the Glasgow Cathedral, which is a must-visit if you’re one of those travellers who loves looking at the world’s churches, or an architecture fan.





While in Glasgow, we walked down the other end of town, along and across the river, to visit the Glasgow Science Centre.

Probably aimed towards children, the centre is full of various activity exhibitions on different science subjects, and also features an amazing planetarium.

We were rapt, running around like two little children ourselves, giving all the activities a go (I swear we are adults…. Really…).

This was also my first time in a planetarium, getting a lesson on our solar system and universe. If you’ve never been in one, it’s kind of an unexplainable experience – but basically you really feel like you are up in the stars.

Because of the intense feeling of realism, it can leave some people feeling a bit queasy, and unluckily for me, I left feeling slightly unwell, but after a nice long walk in the fresh air back to the hostel I felt much better.






And then there was the food – woah!

Who knew Glasgow was a heaven for vegan food?

On our first night we headed to a place called Mono, where we stuffed ourselves on a three course meal and then rolled ourselves back to the hostel, collapsed onto the bed and watched Vikings in the most intense food coma I’ve ever experienced.

10 points, Mono. You defeated me.
IMG_5100 IMG_5101

Then next night we headed to a place called the 13th Note, where once again, we gorged on a three course meal (However, after the last night’s experience, we made the smart decision to go halves on dessert – it’s the little things that count!).

I would recommend both these restaurants, which also, wonderfully, double as bars!




Glasgow, you really impressed me!

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