Roadtripping through the Scottish Highlands


What do you think of when someone mentions the Scottish Highlands?

Loch Ness, the home of Nessie? Well, that’s a fair call – the Loch Ness is a particularly popular attraction of Scotland’s northern region.

However, what I came to find during my time there is that the Scottish Highlands are certainly not just the Loch Ness – Oh no, this Scottish region is so much more than that.

The Loch Ness is just one tiny part of it.

That’s not to say, of course, that the Loch Ness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – it is certainly gorgeous, and the second largest (not the largest, as some may believe) loch in Scotland.

Many come just to try to spot the Loch Ness Monster, and lets be honest, it would certainly make a great story if you were the one to finally spot the mythical creature – but really, what are the chances?

Yes, the Loch is lovely for a look and a nice walk, maybe even a boat ride if you’re that taken with it.

But don’t judge the Scottish Highlands just on the Loch Ness – look further. You’ll like what you find.

Tip: Beside the Loch is cold and windy. Bring a scarf, gloves and beanie. Trust me.




We ventured north from Fort Augustus, the most southern point of the Loch Ness, where the above photos were taken, to stay the night at Foyers, a quaint little village (if you could even call it that) halfway up the eastern side of the loch.

The main reason people stop at Foyers is 1. for the loch and 2. to take a look at Foyers Falls, which were gorgeous, and worth the short hike to see.

Our accommodation was very cute, hidden on a hill among the trees, with friendly cats who were keen for a cuddle from the guests, and a view from our room out over the loch.

A view which I sadly didn’t take a photo of when we arrived, because by the next morning fog had moved over and the loch was now nowhere to be seen.



If you’re roadtripping in the Scottish Highlands, basically be prepared to gasp multiple times a day in pure awe of the beauty around you, and be prepared by knowing that you will constantly wanting to be paying more attention to whats around you rather than what’s on the road in front of you.

Drive safe, people.

Mountains and valleys, lochs and rivers, lush green forest and brown wintery grasslands – the Scottish Highlands are a wonderful, varied type of beauty.





Spending two days road tripping the Scottish Highlands – Day one venturing from Edinburgh to Loch Ness and Foyers, and day two from there back down to Glasgow – gave us a good example of how weather conditions can really change the visual tone of a place.

For example, below is a place called Loch Tarff, which we had to drive past both days on the B862.

Stunning, in both images, yes – but both very different.



Of course another big drawcard for a traveller heading to the Scottish Highlands, in my eyes, is Glen Coe, one of the most beautiful bodies of water I’ve ever seen – right up there with the lakes of Alberta, Canada.

We were lucky that by the time we got there the fog had cleared and we were left with this intoxicating view.

Just as in my Hadrian’s Wall blog, I took another one of my favourite photos of the road trip (actually my #1 favourite) – at Glen Coe.

Your guess as to which one…




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