Goa: A little piece of Indian paradise


What better way to end my time in India than relaxing on a beach in paradise by day, and consuming cocktails by night, with new friends by my side?

No better way, in fact.

Beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, delicious drinks and yummy food greeted our tired, well-travelled bodies when we reached Goa.

And boy, we were thankful.

A bit of classic “lazy” holidaying was in order after our fast-paced trip through India – not that there was anything wrong with that, it was just nice to take advantage of some downtime before we headed back to reality and our 9-5 jobs.



After making use of the beach by day, you can head back to the beach by night – to one of the many restaurants and bars along the sand.

You’ll find many “two for one” drink offers or similar drawcards – Yes, Goa is a bit more “touristy” than other places, but why not take advantage of that?

Have a delicious dinner by the ocean – many recommend the seafood (obviously, as a vegan, I didn’t partake) – and then head to a bar either on the beach or in town to shake your booty.

On our final night we were lucky enough to dine at Tito’s (delicious food!) before heading into the adjoining nightclub, on a night when it happened to be Bollywood night.

We were the only Caucasian people in the building, and were taught some bollywood moves by enthusiastic locals.

We also got to try sheesha, which was a hilarious experience.

It was a blast! Such a fantastic way to spend my last night with my new friends.

Two for one cocktails - a calling card of Goa
Two for one cocktails – a calling card of Goa
Trying sheesha!


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