Off to India to Heal My Heart


So basically in the midst of heartbreak, I booked a plane ticket and spot on a tour through India.

Truth: I don’t even remember pressing “book now” online because I was that out of it at the time.

Completely sober, I guess just completely heartbroken.

However, subconscious Marnie obviously had a plan: Because it turns out India was exactly I needed.

I didn’t leave for India for another 8 weeks after booking it, so I was in a bit better of a place by the time I left. But I still wasn’t “there” yet.

India got me “there”.

For that, India will always be in heart.

Watching a sunrise from a plane is one incredible experience.
Watching a sunrise from a plane is one incredible experience.

Now for the details:

I was headed off on my first G Adventures tour, their Uncover India: Delhi to Goa experience.

I’ll be posting all my adventures from India (Of course) over the coming weeks, and you’ll see just how amazing it was.

But I’ll even say right now: I loved this trip with G Adventures – this company made a great impression on me and I a blast.

Our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) aka tour guide, Raj, was absolutely fabulous and made sure everyone had a brilliant time.

I will also say that no, I am not sponsored or partnered with G Adventures in any way (Currently anyway – wink wink, nudge nudge G), and the opinions expressed in this blog are, of course, my own. 

Mandatory airport Insta photo.
Mandatory airport Insta photo.

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