Colonial buildings and mind-blowing light-and-water shows in Lima, Peru

One thing I absolutely loved about Peru was the variety of the country.

From Amazon rainforest; to heritage sites of ruins (hello Machu Picchu); from the vast, barren desert-like land to the Colca Canyon; to the mountainous ranges; from the bare, poverty-stricken, isolated villages; to the surf-tastic waves on the coastline (Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean!); all the way to metro cities of Lima – Peru has it all.

It’s sometimes hard to believe it is all the same country.

But this week is just about Lima – my first stop in Peru.

The culture shock would come later, but for the moment, I was in a city, much like many others I’d visited (even similar to those in Australia).

It was a soft introduction to a country that would open the door of a new level of cultural appreciation, experiences and understanding.

For now, I’ll say this: Peru is an amazing country, a place I loved so much – And I can’t wait to show you all the footage I have from this wonderful nation.

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