Cancun: The perfect place for adventure and relaxation


Cancun is an awesome place for many things, depending on what you’re interested in.

You could see it as a place of relaxation, where you can just chill by the beach for days.

It could be party central, as you dance the nights away in some of the most popular clubs around.

Or it could be an entrypoint into adventure sports – as it was for me.

Yes, I spent a whole day relaxing by the beach at Playa del Carmen, just south of Cancun, and yes, I explored the nightlife of Cancun (Yes, Cocobongo is as amazing as everyone tells you).

But what I remember most from my time in Cancun was a day excursion some of us did, called the “Jungle Experience.”

From zipling across the jungle and into a cenote, to snorkelling inside a pitch black underwater cave, to rapelling into a cenote, we did it all.

And it was so much fun.


I did struggle a little, as many of the activities involved caves, and very dark ones at that (I’m slightly claustrophobic) but that made the experience even better – I got to do some awesome stuff AND helped conquer a fear while I was at it.

That feeling of pride and accomplishment, mixed with the adrenaline and happiness that the day bought, meant I went to bed that night with a huge smile on my face, and a warmth in my heart.

If you get the chance to do something like this, I highly recommend it. In fact, if you go to Mexico with Contiki, please – please! – tick “Yes” next to this optional activity – you won’t regret it!


On the topic of relaxing by the beach in the Cancun area, if you can make it to Playa del Carmen for a day or two, you’ll find yourself in heaven.

My tip – set yourself up on a lounge outside a restaurant or bar that serves you on the sand, lie back and enjoy (just don’t forget the sunscreen and water!)

Also, take a walk along the beach and scope out one of the massage places along there for a bit of extra relaxation.

Back to Cocobongo – what an amazing club. It’s not just a club, but a whole performance experience.

Talk to your tour guide, or hotel reception, to find out about entry to Cocobongo – otherwise you may not get in.

Either way, prepare to wait outside in line for quite a while.

Once you get inside, you’re going to have to fight for a spot – if you’re lucky you’ll find a table (We were lucky – Contiki had organised our entry and reserved tables for us).

If you want to make a full night of entertainment, there is an awesome restaurant right by Cocobongo called Carlos and Charlie’s – it’s hilarious.

The waiters aren’t just waiters – they are full on performers (and pranksters).

Trust me, you’re in for a fun night if you head there.

I just hope you all enjoy Cancun as much as I did. Because boy, did I enjoy it!


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