Absolutely awed at Chichen Itza and Ikkil Cenote, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Mexico
Chichen Itza, Mexico

You know how often when you’ve got something big coming up, you get so excited?

Of course you do, you’re reading a travel blog.

I get overwhelmed with excitement when it comes to travel, and part of that is I do my research – I look up every location I’m to visit, the attractions, google photos, watch YouTube videos from other travel vloggers and read blogs from other bloggers about the place – and sometimes I’ll even go so far as street view the area and have a virtual “walk” around.

This can be dangerous.

When you look so forward to something, there’s the huge possibility that when you finally get there you’re going to be disappointed.

Chichen Itza and Ikkil Cenote were my “big two” for Mexico. And they were on the same day.

I was insanely excited to visit these amazing places, and I had been imagining it in my head for so long.

This is part where I say I was underwhelmed when I got there, or got mugged, or something went terribly wrong.

But no.

Despite all my hype, Chichen Itza (and Ikkil) were just as cool as I thought they were going to be. If not better.

Chichen Itza, in itself, is an incredible thing – the Mayan history, the amazing calender/alignment purposes of the main temple, Kukuikan, and more. I could have read all I wanted to about this amazing site, and still would have experienced the awe I felt looking at it in person and hearing our tour guide explain the intricacies that the Mayan people created with it.


I was pretty excited!
I was pretty excited!

And of course, Ikkil Cenote – how wonderous.

The clear blue water, the vines hanging down, the perfect circle to the blue sky you see as you float in the middle and star directly upwards.

It was all just “wow.”

Something you may not know – you can’t stay in the water for too long. As the water is so fresh, and isn’t salty, it’s much harder to keep yourself afloat. Like the opposite of the Dead Sea.

Sit on one of the rocky outcrops at the side of the cenote and observe.

Ikkil Cenote, Mexico
Ikkil Cenote, Mexico

My favourite thing to observe, apart from the stark, natural beauty, was to take a glance at the faces of other people as they got to the bottom of the steps and saw the entirety of the cenote for the first time.

As I was in awe, so were they – and I just love seeing “that” look on people’s faces.

What can I say – I’m awed by awe.

Ikkil Cenote, Mexico
Ikkil Cenote, Mexico

7 thoughts on “Absolutely awed at Chichen Itza and Ikkil Cenote, Mexico

  1. What a day with both of those together! Wow! The cenote looks absolutely amazing.. Something I noticed in the video was that most sides look like natural rock but some parts look man made? Any info about that? Or was I seeing things 🙂

    • Yes it was such an amazing day! The platform at one side is definitely man-made, as are the stairs down to the bottom, but the rest of the walls are completely natural. Such a beautiful sight!

  2. Loved Chicen Itza too! Hope you got to climb it? Or is that not allowed anymore? I remember when we were there, it coincided with when we were trying to potty train my son…not the best place for that! And now he’s 20, so quite a while ago! Didn’t get to Ikkil Cenote. Looks awesome!
    Please stop by my site sometime if you get a chance. I have been chronicling a trip to Peru, and there is a new post up.

    • Oh that sounds amazing! No, unfortunately we didn’t get to climb it, I don’t think anyone can these days. You’ll just have to go back and visit Ikkil then won’t you? 😉 Thanks! I’ll check it out. Take care!

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