Testing my fitness and climbing up pyramids – Mexico City

From the top of the Sun Pyramid, Teotihuacan

Good shoes. Layered clothing. Sunscreen. A lot of water: These things are essential for a visit to Teotihuacan.

Take this seriously – those pyramids are much harder to climb than they look.

“Pffff, those are babies, and they’re only stairs. How hard could it be?”

Very hard, my friend.

Strap on your shoes, arm yourself with a buttload of water (It’s really hard to come across on the site – and if it is, you can bet it will be expensive), and breathe.

Those steps are steep, uneven, and really slim.

Keeping your balance is hard enough, without getting disorientated by tourists all around you attempting to climb as well – they come at you in every direction, and everyone is fighting for a space alone the lone rope rail.

All that and you’re trying to look like you’re fitter than you are – a young person like yourself should positively skip up these stairs.

But no, oh no, you’re fighting for breathe and trying not to get so dizzy that you lose your balance and topple down the hard stone stairs to doom.

One foot in front of another, almost there. Breathe.

Like I said, it’s harder than it looks.

But when you get to the top, it’s all worth it.

Yes, I understand how cliche that sounds. But it’s totally true.

Just do it. That’s what travel is all about, isn’t it? Trying new things, putting yourself to the test?

Oh, and there’s the exploring amazing historical landmarks part of travel too. That’s important.

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