Things you must do in Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco, Mexico

If you’re headed to Mexico, you must visit Acapulco. If it’s not on your itinerary, it is now. Consider it done. Hands down, Acapulco was my favourite destination in Mexico. Our couple of nights there were amazing. Acapulco is kind of like the Gold Coast (Australia) of Mexico – Or the Miami (US), or Nha Trang (Vietnam) of Mexico. Yes, it’s a resort city, so it’s very touristy, but don’t let that put you off.  What better place to spend a couple of days relaxing by the beach, snorkelling, jet-skiing, eating your way through the strip of restaurants and drinking your way through the bars along the beach, and watching the sun set while you enjoy a beer on a boat off the coast? Acapulco, that’s where.

Must dos:

  • Rent a jet ski and go nuts flying around the bay
  • Go snorkelling
  • Go on a sunset cruise and watch Acapulco turn from day to night
  • See the famous cliff jumpers
  • Head to Paradise Bar on the beach – it’s an open-air bar, and dance along to hits from the 80s-now.
  • Go bungee jumping on the beach, from a club, at 1am, which pulls you back into said bar (Yep, I did it)


  • Be alert on the beaches – don’t leave anything of value on the beach while you take a dip
  • Be wary of all the tourist traps – people will be constantly trying to sell you something as you walk on the beach, even while you’re in the water. Give them a strong “No” and then turn your attention away from them.
  • Be careful of the restaurants along the beach – as popular tourist destinations, they often try to rip you off – we were charged way too much after being told “Two for one cocktails” which they then denied, then chased us down the beach saying we still hadn’t paid enough. We had.

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