Don’t die on a cyclo in Hue, Vietnam

A quick little afternoon and evening in Hue was all we got, but it gave us a good impression.

A scary and fun way to travel, riding around on a cyclo is a must-do when in Hue. 

Just be careful – the cyclo drivers/riders (?) are notoriously cheeky, and this can either be a fun experience, or not-so-fun experience.

I had a ball as my cyclo driver pulled the peace sign as I took selfles during my ride, but as we all finished our rides, many of the drivers (including mine) demanded extra money, even though they had already been paid.

Some people relented and gave extra tips, and even that didn’t seem good enough to some of the drivers – they demanded more.

We ended up just walking away – always a useful tool.

Also, explore the Imperial City while in Hue – it’s a place of many stories and interesting structures. Check it out!

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