The tourist traps of London, England

Think of typical London tourist “must-dos”, and what do you come up with?

Hyde Park? Buckingham Palace? Photo with a red telephone box? Ride a red double-decker? Big Ben? London Eye? Visit Harrods? 

Classic tourist shot
Classic tourist shot

I did them all. My love for London was immense, and I ran around trying to see anything and everything I could.

I took myself off and independently explored the city (TIP – Grab a ticket on a Hop On Hop Off bus) and ticked all the things off my list as I could.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

One thing I got to see, which not everyone would be interested in, was Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

I studied drama for years, went to a performing arts high school, and tried my darnedest to become an actress, but as yet, it hasn’t happened (I still do local theatre and short films however – the dream’s not dead!).

So Shakespeare’s Globe was a big one for me, obviously.

The London Eye
The London Eye

One surprise was the London Dungeon, something I hadn’t planned on seeing, but a friend of mine who was living in London at the time suggested we go, and so we did – not only was it super fun (and scary), but also gave you a lot of insight into London’s history.

I would definitely recommend the London Dungeon to any travellers heading to the city – it was awesome!

Birds-eye view
Birds-eye view

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