Eating my way through Vienna, Austria

Food, food, food – Vienna brought me all kinds of different, wonderful tastes.

Sachertorte, Mozart Balls, schnitzel, wiener, and the most delicious burger I’ve ever had it my life – all delicious foods I chomped on down in Vienna. 

Sachertorte cake and coffee in Vienna - perfect!
Sachertorte cake and coffee in Vienna – perfect!

A cultural haven, Vienna has something for anyone – There’s the food; the beautiful green rolling hills on the outskirts and lovely green squares in the city; the historical palaces and other royal or governmental buildings and monuments; there’s the classical music concerts of Austrian favourites, Mozart and Strauss (among others); there’s beer and schnitzel; there’s shopping; and there’s the people (all lovely, as far as I found out).

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.

Vienna was beautiful all around, and definitely a destination I would recommend to any type of traveller – be it a backpacker, couples, the ‘sight-seeing types’, families, or golden oldies. No matter who you are, you’ll find something to enjoy in Vienna.

I most enjoyed just how green the place was – at every turn in Vienna, it was like looking at a postcard!

And did I mention the food?

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.

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