Who doesn’t dream of taking a gondola ride in Venice?

One thing that’s been on my bucket list for a while was to ride a gondola in Venice, aka The Floating City.

While usually known as a ‘wet’ location, due to it’s many canals (hundreds of them), it was wetter than usual when we visited – it was rainy and dreary all day – but perfect to me. 

Selfie on a gondola
Selfie on a gondola

When we first arrived we landed ourselves outside the Doges Palace and the Bridge of Sighs (Named the bridge of sighs because the prisoners from the Doges Palace had to be taken by boat underneath the bridge when they were taken to their death, so if they passed underneath the bridge, they knew what their fate was).

The gorgeous Grand Canal
The gorgeous Grand Canal

We explored the winding lane ways and waterways and I felt a sense that I could live here, living in a tiny apartment overlooking a canal through a ramshackle window, walking to my workplace (In my fantasy it was a gelato place), and enjoying dinners out by the Grand Canal.

The canals of Venice
The canals of Venice

Our visit to Venice was certainly perfect, in my eyes. We ate gelato while getting lost in the maze of corridors that make up the city, we ate pasta by the Grand Canal, and, of course, we had our sweet gondola ride – which was just as I imaging, except there was no “movie” music and wine. But it was satisfying.

Venice certainly left a sweet taste in my mouth.

Tip – Stash a disposable poncho in your handbag – you won’t regret it when you get caught in the rain!

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