When you get sick on the road: Florence, Italy

It was quite unfortunate that as we arrived in the beautiful Italian city of Florence, the flu that had threatened me since Nice hit, with full force.

The result was that I didn’t see as much of Florence as I would have liked, as I was only there for two nights, and I sent the afternoon of our designated “exploring day” in bed. 

What I did see of Florence, however, I loved.

Florence, for me, was a city of rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food.

I will always remember standing in Palazzo della Signoria, outside the Palazzo Vecchio, surrounded by an amazing array of statues and fountains, just down from the Ponte Vecchio, and wondering how people made such beauty.

Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio
Never too sick for gelato in Italy.
Never too sick for gelato in Italy.

I wish I had gotten to see the Statue of David – although I did see the fake statue in the Palazzo della Signoria, it would have been amazing to see the real one. And I wish I had have explored the Duomo rather than just admire it from outside.

But after a walking tour of the city and a leather demonstration, plus watching some of the random cycling championships we happened across, I was sick, exhausted and ready for bed.

So I sadly headed back to our accommodation and slept through the afternoon before our man vs food Italian feast that night.

Florence, I’m sorry I didn’t “do” you properly, but I will be back – I promise!

Beautiful view overlooking Florence.
Beautiful view overlooking Florence.

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