The colours of Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona – Wow.

What a wonderful place with such a life about it, beautiful food and gorgeous architecture wherever you look.

Our first night in Barcelona was spent in the city’s Gothic Quarter – which was swarming with people due to the annual La Merce Festival being on (which we had no idea about). 

However, that meant we got to enjoy some of the festival – dancing giant puppets, acrobatic children, rhythmic drumming and fireworks. Oh, and the sweaty, packed crowd and its huge amount of creepy old guys travelling solo into the crowd to cop a feel of anyone and anything.

Free pouring? Can't even tell...
Free pouring? Can’t even tell…

Then we headed to a bar or two where we experienced something everyone most likely does when they head to this Spanish city – tequila shots and free pouring. Wow.

On the usual sight-seeing, I was overwhelmed by the exuberance of one of the cities most know buildings – La Sagrada Familia. Go there if you can.

Later we partook in a lunch by the seaside and a walk through the food markets (where I got scammed – hard lined by a market stall owner into purchasing 2kgs and 60 Euros of nuts I didn’t want – long story, still too resentful to explain).

But, on the bright side, I was taken aback by the beauty and abundance of all the fresh foods available at Las Ramblas.

The night ended with a Flamenco dance show and Sangria – no better way to do it.

Barcelona – while you screwed me over, I still liked you, and I would really like to come back to you one day to let you redeem yourself and show me what beauty I know that you have.

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia
Las Ramblas Food Markets
Las Ramblas Food Markets


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